Coronavirus Policy

At Clarian Chalets we want to provide our clients with confidence that they can book their chosen winter holiday now without financial risk despite the unpredictability caused by government efforts to combat coronavirus.  We now offer the following "100% Refund" Coronavirus Booking Policy to mitigate the risks of future national restrictions enabling cancellation days before travel. We still strongly encourage clients to take out personal coronavirus-inclusive travel insurance.

"100% Refund" Coronavirus Booking Policy


You can cancel your holiday at short notice due to restrictions related to the control of covid-19 ("coronavirus") outbreaks, as caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, under the following terms.  This policy relates to the booking you have with Clarian Chalets Ltd.  "The Resort" refers to Châtel. "Party Leader" refers to the person who made the booking.


A. Reasons for Cancellation

One of the following restrictions a) to d) due directly to actions to prevent the spread of coronavirus must be in place or have been announced to be expected to come into effect during your stay for there to be a valid reason for cancellation.


a) Closure of The Resort

Either the resort chairlift lift system of Châtel as a whole is closed and is expected to remain closed or an appropriate authority has announced that the lifts will close on a date during the period of your holiday. This clause applies specifically to the Châtel lift system and does not include neighbouring resorts.


b) Chalet closure

The chalet in which you are expecting to stay has been closed or is under a quarantine notice that would prevent you from skiing or snowboarding and you have not been offered alternative comparable accommodation.


c) Travel restrictions

Restrictions imposed by governments at a national level prevent your planned travel to or from The Resort due either to cancellation of the travel by the operator (i.e. a flight) or by the issue of official government advice as described below:

(i) When the Party Leader's departure for travel to The Resort is from the United Kingdom the required government advice must come from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office ("FCDO") issuing "advice against 'all but essential' international travel" which applies specifically to advice against travel to France.

(ii) When the Party Leader's departure for travel to The Resort is from a country other than the United Kingdom the required government advice must come from a comparable government body to the FCDO and be of equivalent effect as travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office ("FCDO") as applied to UK citizens from the United Kingdom.


d) Quarantine

"Quarantine" in the sense used below requires that a person is not allowed to leave the place in which they are staying and that to do so would be in breach of local or national law.  "Quarantine" does not include advice which is not legally binding even if issued by governments or branches of government or health authorities or similar public bodies.


This clause will apply if either of the following are in force:

(i) In the country of departure of the Party Leader a nationwide home quarantine restriction for a duration of more than 5 days for people returning from France either is in place or will be expected to be in place on your return from The Resort and that the period of quarantine cannot be reduced following the outcome of disease testing.

(ii) Quarantine restrictions are in place or will be expected to be in place in France for 2 days or more and which would apply to any members of your party solely because of the country or countries from which they travelled to The Resort (i.e. the quarantine cannot be connected with actual or possible individual exposure to coronavirus) and that the period of quarantine cannot be reduced following the outcome of disease testing.


B. Process and time period during which the covid-19 cancellation must be made

The Party Leader must inform Clarian Chalets Ltd by email to that they wish to cancel the entire booking by 11.59pm on the day two days before arrival (i.e. 11.59pm on the preceding Thursday if the first night of your stay is on a Saturday).


The email must state a valid applicable reason for cancellation from the list in A. above as well as selecting which of the refund options have been chosen from C. below.


The entire booking will be cancelled and refunded as specified.  Part cancellations or amendments to the booking will not be accepted.


C. Refund Options

Accommodation Refunds

Clarian Chalets Ltd will refund accommodation balance and deposit payments as below.  The Party Leader must choose one of the following two options for refund payments which will be made to the account(s) from which the money was transferred to Clarian Chalets Ltd.


a) 100% Credit Note for the deposit and balance payments(s) for accommodation already paid. This Credit Note will be valid for 18 months from the original expected arrival date of your cancelled holiday and can be redeemed against any available full price holiday in Summer or Winter with Clarian Chalets Ltd booked over that period. The Credit Note is not transferable and not redeemable.

b) 100% cash refund for the deposit and balance payments(s) for accommodation already paid less a £50 per person administration fee (adults and children excluding infants).

Lift passes, Ski hire, Lesson Refunds

Where we have arranged or booked lift passes, ski hire, lessons and childcare etc. on your behalf we will work with our partners and hope to be able to refund these payments back to you but as these are third parties we cannot provide any guarantee as to the level of refund available.

D. General

We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time.


This policy applies to bookings made for holidays during Winter 2020/21.





Clarian Chalets Ltd.



Our partners and staff will follow French hygiene guidance which at the time of writing includes enhanced disinfecting of surfaces and handles between departing and visiting groups.

The chalet is always fully cleaned between groups and well aired.  Laundry and linens are professionally cleaned.

In-chalet staff and drivers will also follow appropriate guidance when in close contact with guests.  With the benefit or out private driver there is no need to use busy public transport.

Ski hire is usually arranged to be delivered to the chalet, avoiding visiting ski shops.  We pre-book lift passes so that they are waiting for you on arrival, enabling guests to avoid busy queues.

The best way for staff and guests to remain safe on holiday is to maintain good hygiene, regularly washing hands with soap and water, and keeping a safe distance from others.

What if I have to self-isolate?

As we cannot prepare for every eventuality we encourage guests to take out appropriate travel insurance, paying particular attention to terms regarding coronavirus disruption. There are now a number of insurers providing personal coronavirus-inclusive travel insurance policies.  We strongly recommend that clients consider taking out appropriate travel insurance in advance of their holiday.  Our Coronavirus Booking Policy is not a substitute for travel insurance.

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