Childcare tips for a fun family ski holiday

How to have a fun family ski holiday with young children

Children love a fun family ski holiday but any attempt to recreate memories of times on the piste 'BC' (Before Children) are likely to turn family harmony into chaos.  But shouldn't it be possible for everyone to have a great day and still spend some time together?  Of course!

There are a few companies in France that offer bespoke childcare or nanny solutions that can be tailored to suit your own family situation.  By age, size of party, whether you are with friends; linking to ski lessons, a creche for toddlers, lunch time with Mum and Dad or with the nanny, a half day or whole day skiing.  And look for an arrangement that is flexible day by day.  Your little ones might want to have some afternoon fun in the snow but spend the following day thrashing the pistes with you.

One of the best arrangements we have come across is being able to book toddlers into creche and children into ski lessons during the morning allowing Mum & Dad the opportunity to get a good few hours on skis or snowboard while the mountain is relatively quiet.

Back at the chalet toddlers can enjoy games, drawing and outdoor fun, while skiing age children tackle their morning ski lessons on the mountain.  The ski nannies are then in charge to collect the kids after lessons or creche.  We either arrange to meet up or let the kids and their carers plan their own fun for the afternoon.

A young child tries to make skis work
A young child skiing
Children posing in ski race position

Sometimes we lunch together on the mountain before the children decide that the afternoon is to be on their own terms and they head off with the ski nannies.  Sledging, snowmen, skating or games often await.  Other times Mum and Dad can pretend it's like the old days, whiz about, sip vin chaud or just chat... for the whole day!

It is helpful to be able to bridge the gap between the young skiers and their older, stronger siblings, whom often want to spend some more time on the pistes, often with each other.  While the toddlers and younger children can have some fun at the chalet or in the village, the older ones can enjoy the afternoon skiing together with an instructor guide.  Not lessons this time but some fun skiing, perhaps amongst the snowpark jumps or in and out of the trees.  This is a great opportunity for older children to gain confidence in a less structured setting while still under supervision.  And there can still be time to meet up with Mum and Dad for a last run home.

A young child at beginner ESF lessons

Great family ski holidays are about much more than just the skiing. 

At Clarian Chalets we aim to make “fabulous" happen.

We have built on our own family experiences to create flexible childcare plans, incorporating fun activities for children away from the ski slopes.  Our childcare arrangements are personally tailored to suit your family and friends and with our all day private ski chauffeur we provide maximum flexibility.  All of our childcare professionals are qualified and English speaking.

Visit us at to find out more about our luxurious chalet holidays in the French Alps or contact us at and we will be delighted to answer your questions.

Have fun with your family this winter!