Packing for Ski Holidays – Use our Free Checklist

a checklist for packing for ski holidays

Whether seasoned travellers or first time ski adventurers, life is easier with a little bit of organisation. This is particularly true if packing for ski holidays with children, when the volume and complexity of requirements seems to multiply!

Clarian Chalets has created a comprehensive ski holiday checklist that can be printed and annotated, helping you to ensure that you pack everything required for a fun family holiday in the mountains.

It is well worthwhile thinking about what you need several weeks before your holiday starts especially if you have children.  Get them to try on salopettes and thermals to check they still fit.  It's amazing how fast children grow!  At least then you have a chance of replacing any items that are no longer suitable.  Remember that the choice of ski wear in shops or on-line diminishes rapidly after December.

Keep it simple and focus on the priorities. Ski clothes take up huge amounts of space and if you are not careful you will find yourself looking for new extra-large luggage.  If you still have space once everything else has been packed into suitcases you can see how many of the non-essential extras can be tucked down the sides.

Start packing early so you know everything is in good condition, still fits, is washed and ready to go. The important clothing is all the warm stuff.  You might want a few 'après' outfits but much of the time you will be in ski wear so unless you are planning a stylish outing every evening there is limited need to bring the rest of your wardrobe.  Children don't need many play clothes either. Once they come back from the slopes most kids are happy to run around chalets in thermals or pyjamas before collapsing into bed!

Think about what you and your family need available for the journey (we have several suggestions).  The less the better but there are some essentials, particularly for little ones.  Don't forget a warm sweater or ski jacket for when for when you arrive!

It is worthwhile finding out if your accommodation has a washing machine and tumble drier. At La Grange au Merle both are available for guests, allowing you to do a quick wash and dry mid-week, which can help free up some extra space in the luggage.

Happy packing and enjoy your holiday!

Download our free ski holiday packing list here

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