New service for winter 2017/18

Wine Cellar - our 'Carnotzet'

A Carnotzet is not just a cellar but a place where you can enjoy a glass of wine, tasting the contents of bottles that have been resting there over the years.  In summer time we can throw open the shuttered windows and enjoy the fresh alpine air, perhaps along with some Abondance cheese.  In winter this would be a little too chilly (and it is a bit cool here anyway, to keep the wine in good condition).  Instead the carnotzet becomes a more intimate and secluded den of rows and rows of wines from around France (well, mostly France).

Having completed the chalet renovations in 2016 the Carnotzet benefited from a little tidying up too and is now restocked once more.

Our four house wines are carefully selected for the enjoyment of guests. They are good representations of their style and compliment a wide range of dishes as well as being enjoyable unaccompanied.

We offer a range of wines from our cellar - whites, reds, sparkling and desert - as well as a collection of craft ales.  All of these are available for purchase at competitive prices.  Case or half case combinations can be negotiated as well.

In addition offer wine tasting of local Savoie varieties for small groups in the Carnotzet through the winter.  These small volume wines are rarely exported and their unusual characters offer something exciting and different to try.  Discover what modern wine makers are creating from the vines in these ancient aluvial soils.


The Wine Cellar or Carnotzet

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